All bookings must be made by calling 0408 767477
and not through the drivers onsite.

Inspections and Quotes

Please call the bookings number and we can organize for a supervisor to come out and inspect the site and let you know the size of the crane needed to complete the job. It’s always better to get an inspection done as this can avoid the wrong crane being ordered on the day, and will definitely keep the costs down.


We ourselves only charge overtime for work performed at night, Saturday afternoon, Sundays and Public Holidays. Should you require a crane in these times, there is a minimum call out fee of 4 hours. If requesting a crane for areas out of our usual locality you will be charged overtime as these jobs are cross hired to other crane companies and most of them do charge overtime.
Their normal working hours are usually 7.00am – 4.00pm weekdays.


Please ensure that if you need to cancel a job you do so before the crane has left the Depot otherwise charges will apply.



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